Board of Directors

Executive Board

President – Cindy Dormer, PHD, RDN
President-Elect – Leisa Artf, RD, LD, UZIT
Past President – Margo Gasta, DCN, RDN, CCN, CCH
Secretary – Jessica Roberts, MS, RDN
Treasurer – Amy Heinrich, MHA, RDN, CSP, CLC
Treasurer-Elect – Ann Diker, PhDm RDN

Communications Committee

Communications Chair – Clair Jones, MPH
Communications Co-chair, non-voting – Veronica Thaanum, RDN
Prospector Editor – Katie Painter Drudik, RDN
Communications Coordinator/Social Media Rep – Stephanie Thompson, MS, RDN
State Media Rep – Stephanie Thompson, MS, RDN
P&P/Bylaws Chair – Nissa Fuller, MS, RDN, LD

Public Policy Committee

State Policy Representative – Niki Randolph
Public Policy Chair – Amy Ippolito
State Regulatory Specialist – Monica Weatherly, MS, RDN
Consumer Protection Coordinator – Bethany Braustein, MBA, RDN
Nutrition Services Payment Specialist – Lauren Pickens, MS, RDN


Chair of Delegates – Alix Wilson, MS, RDN, CDE

Nominating and Awards Committee

Nominating Chair – Susan Gills, PhD, RDN

Membership Committee

CE Requestor – Emily Boldrin, PhD, RDN
Membership and Diversity Chair – Christine Steerman, MA, RDN
Awards – Kristen Arnold, MS, RDN
Diversity – Detrick Snyder
Student Liason – Becca Rowse

North Region

NO Region Director – Kate Schulz

Denver Region

DEN Region Director – Noah Quezada

South Region

SO Region Director – Sean Svette, MSc, RDN

West Region

WE Region Liason – Lauren Larson, MS, RDN