CAND Position


President Jamie Daugherty
Pres-Elect Tyson Marden
Secretary Nicole Seedig
Treasurer/Treasurer-Elect Heather Kirby/Sara Pratt
Past-Pres Alix Wilson
Exec. Assistant Rebekah Spetnagel
Exec. Assistant Julie Bush
Public Policy Coordinator Bonnie Jortberg
Marketing/PR Co-Chairs Constance Roark/Claire Chiu
Member Benefits Chair Open
Delegate Athena Evans
SCDA Pres Melaina Bjorklund
DDA Pres Jessie Lunsford
NCDA Pres Malia Dunn
Nominating Chair Open
P&P/Bylaws Chair Jonathan Padia
Consumer Protection Coordinator Open
Continuing Education Chair Hilary Rounds
Volunteer Co-Chairs Katie Kage/Aryn Doll

Members Benefits Team Leader - Monica Weatherly

Awards & Scholarships Open
AND Foundation Chair Open

Marketing/PR Team Leader - Constance Roark/Claire Chiu

State Media Rep Laurie Hatch
Prospector Editor Maya Scherer
Alliance Chair Open
AND Spokesperson Jessica Crandall
Social Media Coordinator Open

Public Policy Coordinator - 

State Policy Representative Divyani Pendleton
State Regulatory Specialist Open



Board of Director Position Descriptions







Public Policy Coordinator

Marketing/PR Chair

Member Benefits Chair


Nominating Chair

Meeting Planning Chair

State Fundraising Chair

State Media Representative

State Policy Representative

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